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Albert McIlroy

Albert McIlroy:
Owners Representative
Project Director/Manager
Chief Engineer

GSM 1: +39 339 129 1887
GSM 2: +31 6 2708 6774
@: albert@optimusnavis.com

Albert was born, raised and educated in New Zealand. Studied Heavy Equipment Automotive Engineering and Marine Engineering including Steam and Motor

Albert was always involved with engineering. As a youngster, helping out on the farm, working during his school holidays at the local stock transport company, technical construction and building. It was only natural to further perceive the engineering career. He understood at an early age that to succeed in this chosen vocation it is paramount to know your limits, have a logical approach to challenges, work hard, be resourceful and most of all honest.

Albert has sailed and worked in many different parts of the world. His travels have taken him to Eastern and North Australia, Papua New Guinea, East and South Asia, South Pacific, Middle East, South Africa, Western Europe, UK, North America, Mediterranean Sea and Caribbean.

Albert has spent the last 20 years working in the Marine Industry. He has been involved at many levels. He performed as Owners Representative, Project Manager, Chief Engineer, Build Engineer, Systems Controller, Specifications Writer and Reviewer and Commissioning Engineer. He was involved with all aspects of Refits and New Build Constructions.

Albert has sailed as Chief Engineer and learned greatly from his yachting experiences during the last 10 years. He has crossed the Atlantic and Indian Ocean many times and is highly respected, both in the Merchant Navy, and in Yachting what resulted in vast network of friends and suppliers, which is vital when managing large and complicated projects.

He is regarded as a great team player and has a wicked sense of humour. Enjoys fishing, snowboarding and the occasional guitar playing.

Albert has recently completed another of his Builds under contract in The Netherlands and is already involved in new, exciting projects.